Frequently Asked Questions

Pre Program

Am I allowed to apply for more than one Student Exchange programs at a time?

Unfortunately, no. You are only allowed to apply for one program at a time. If later on you are not accepted, then you are allowed to find another program that suits you and apply.

Are there any specific formats for the documents (e.g. recommendation, approval, or motivation letter) that I can follow?

There are no specific set of rules or formats regarding documents, such as recommendation letter or motivation letter. We give you the freedom to write whatever you need however you want them to be, and we highly encourage you to write them all by yourself to induce your writing skills! You can look up all sorts of references from the internet, but don’t forget to be yourself and be original!

Are there any Student Exchange programs that offer scholarships?

There sure are! Some scholarships offered by our partners are JASSO, GKS, Erasmus+, and AUN-ACTS. We will also put the information up if there are any scholarships available for a program, so be sure to keep an eye on that!
Please note that the availability of scholarships will be put on the description of any program that offers scholarships. If there is no description regarding the issue, then there are no scholarships available for the program.

Can I still apply for a Student Exchange program as a senior year student?

Yes you can! But, please note that at the time of application, your credits have not reached 144 (for Undergraduate Program students) or 40 (for Graduate Program students).

Can I use my Duolingo English Test (DET) results as a supporting document for my English proficiency proof?

Generally, we only accept English proficiency test results from reputable institutions, such as ETS. While we normally only accept TOEFL and IELTS, some programs do allow you to submit your English proficiency proof in the form of DET (IISMA is one of the most common example).

For Student Exchange program, do I have to cover all the fees myself?

All programs provided through the International Office are self-funded, unless stated otherwise.

The Student Exchange program covers the tuition fees, so you are only required to pay the tuition fee to UI as usual. In addition, you have to cover accommodation, transportation, and living expenses by yourself.

For Student Exchange programs with Japanese and South Korean universities, are there any scholarships available given by their government (such as JASSO or GKS)?

Scholarships may or may not be available for any Student Exchange programs, so be sure to read the details of every programs thoroughly.

How long is the Student Exchange program?

Generally, the length of Student Exchange programs are ranging from 1 to 2 semester, depending on the partner university and programs.

How many students are allowed to participate in a program?

For Student Exchange programs, normally the quota is limited to around 2 or 3 people per program. But, the number may change depending on the agreement with the partner university.

I have applied for a Student Exchange program. What is the next step?

After you submitted all the required documents to us, we will contact you and conduct a selection process to narrow down the number of applicants and pick the best one (or couple, depending on the quota). Good luck!

Is the Student Exchange program only available for International Program students?

All UI students with an active status are allowed to participate in the Student Exchange program as long as they fulfill the requirements, including students from the Regular and Parallel program.

Is there a list of future programs with the respective countries so I can prepare for them?

Unfortunately, no. We do not possess a definite information regarding the availability of programs in the future, nor the countries as well. Despite that being the case, we will put up any information that we receive as soon as we possibly can, so stay tuned to our social media!

Which universities partnered up with UI in Student Exchange programs?

We do have a list of UI’s partner universities, including the time period and the types of partnership agreement, which you can access here.

Will I be awarded with a scholarship from JASSO or GKS automatically if I passed the document selection process for Student Exchange programs with Japanese and South Korean universities?

Not necessarily. Candidates will first be selected and recommended by the partner university to JASSO or GKS, and then JASSO or GKS will continue with their own selection process independently.

During Program

I am currently participating in a Student Exchange program. What is my student status?

During your exchange period, you won’t lose your active status. It will be changed to Exchange and cannot be changed (frozen) until you finish your exchange and return to UI.

Post Program

Can I transfer all the credits I have earned during my study abroad?

Unfortunately, not all credits from the courses you have taken can be transferred. Depending on your faculty or study program, the information regarding the number of credits and what courses are eligible for transfer may vary. So, we suggest you to ask the relevant member of your faculty or study program regarding this issue.

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