The 9th APRU Senior Staff Meeting “APRU- Ten years ahead”14-16 March 2012 at Korea University Seoul

APRU Fellow Program-The value of Water: Water Values and Society in the Asia Pacific Region28 Mei-1 June 2012 at National University of Singapore

APRU Word Institute Public Health University and Public Policy meeting22-26 June 2012 at University of Southern California

The 16th APRU Annual Presidents Meeting 26-29 June 2012 at The University of Oregon

4th APRU Symposium on Brain and Mind Research in the Asia Pacific “Diseases and Evolution of Brain and Mind”29-31 August 2012 at Keio University

APRU Sustainability & Climate Change Workshop Coastal Cities Climate Change & Sea Level Risks5-7 September 2012 at University of California

APRU Research Symposium on University Museums “Forming a University Museum Collection Network as the core of Frontier Research” 11-14 September 2012 at Kyoto University

8th APRU Research Symposium on Multi Hazards around Pacific Rim “Towards Disaster-Resilient Societies: The Role of Universities in Reducing Risks of Catastrophic Natural Disasters” 20-22 September 2012 at Tohoku University

APRU Agriculture Deans Meeting “Opportunities and Challenges in Agriculture for a better life”15-18 October 2012 at National Taiwan University
APRU Chief Information Officers (CIO) ”Gaining Competitive Advantages through Collaboration”15-16 October 2012 at University of Malaya

APRU Education and Research Technology (ERT) ”Enhancing Teaching and Research through Technological Innovation”17-18 October 2012 at University of Malaya

3rd APRU Law Deans Meeting “Doing business in the Asia Pacific: Is Legal Education Prepared” 7-10 November 2012 at Chile University

Inaugural Meeting of APRU Deans & Director of Graduate studies Meeting4 December 2012 at Grand Hyatt Washington
APRU CIO Forum2 - 3 September 2013, University of Auckland
APRU CIO Forum4 - 5 September 2013, University of Auckland
APRU 11th Senior Staff Meeting12 - 14 October 2013, Australian National University
APRU Research Symposium on Multi Hazards around Pacific Rim28 - 29 October 2013, National Taiwan University