Immigration Procedure During The Covid-19 Pandemic

  • Study Permit: The permission for foreign students who will study at UI. Issued by The Ministry of Education, Jakarta. Processing time: ~2 weeks.
  • Telex Visa: Visa Recommendation that is issued by the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Directorate General of Immigration, Jakarta. It will be sent directly to the Embassy RI/Consulate General RI in your country after the issuance.
  • VITAS (Visa Tinggal Terbatas): Limited Stay Visa. Valid for 6 months or 1 year.
  • Domicile Letter (SK Domisili): Residential Letter from RT/RW (chief of neighborhood) and Kelurahan (Village Administrative/Chief of Village).
  • E-ITAS (Ijin Tinggal Terbatas): Electronic Limited Stay Permit. For VITAS user. Issued by the Immigration Office near domicile and should be processed within 30 days after arrival.
  • MERP (Multiple Exit Re-Entry Permit): For E-ITAS user ONLY. When you apply for E-ITAS, automatically you should apply for MERP.
  • STM (Surat Tanda Melapor): Police Report. It should be processed within 7 days after E-ITAS issuance.
  • SKTT (Surat Keterangan Tempat Tinggal): Temporary Residential Card. It should be directly processed after STM issuance.
  • EPO (Exit Permit Only): Report to the Immigration Office before you leave Indonesia.

Immigration Regulation During The Covid-19 Pandemic

  1. Foreign passport holders must prepare the legal and valid passport or travel documents (at least 6 months validity prior to the date of expiry).
  2. Foreign passport holders must hold a valid Indonesian visa. (See Border Closure and Exception)
  3. All students entering Indonesia must apply for a student visa (Index C-316).

The Government of the Republic of Indonesia temporarily prohibits foreigners from entering/transiting the Indonesian territory.

Who can enter Indonesia?

  1. Indonesian citizens,
  2. Holders of lawful and valid visa and/or Stay Permit will be allowed to enter Indonesia at designated immigration border controls referring to the health protocol,
  3. Such visa or residence permits consist of:
    • Official visa,
    • Diplomatic visa,
    • Official Stay Permit,
    • Diplomatic Stay Permit,
    • Temporary Stay Permit,
    • Permanent Stay Permit,
  4. Crew members arriving by their own transports,
  5. Foreign nationals with health or humanitarian purposes.

International Students

  • Students who are staying outside Indonesia.
  • Students are required to collect the documents to process their Study Permit at the Ministry of Education and Culture.
  • If students already have all the documents in hand, we can help them in applying for their study permit. (Study Permit is one of the requirements for student visa application)
  • Students who are staying in Indonesia.
  • Students who already have their Stay Permit are required to report to the International Office and collect all the documents to process the application for their Study Permit at the Ministry of Education and Culture.
  • If the students possess ITAS (Limited Stay Permit), they are still required to collect the documents in order for us to report to the Ministry of Education and Culture.
  • If the students possess ITAS (Temporary Stay Permit), they can change their sponsor to UI (make sure the ITAS is still valid the passport is still valid for 18 months), or if the ITAS is already expired, they can do EPO with their last stay permit sponsor. We will then process their online onshore visa application (same passport validity duration).
  • If the students possess ITK (Visit Stay Permit), they have to process the document of status transfer from ITK to ITAS for students. However, this process may take a long time since the sponsors have to be changed as well.

What Kind of Visa Should Students Use?

Limited/Temporary Stay Visa for Education (C-316). This visa is recommended for international students who are planning to stay at UI for a Full Degree program or an Exchange/Study Abroad program. By using this visa, students are able to apply for E-ITAS (Electronic Limited Stay Permit) and MERP (Multiple Exit Re-entry Permit) for 6 or 12 months, depending on their chosen program.

Brief Pre-Departure Steps for Students (Student Visa)

Letter of Acceptance/Invitation Letter is issued by UI; Admission Office/International Office/Faculty.

Study Permit is issued by Ministry of Higher Education, proceeded by International Office UI.

Telex Visa and E-Visa are issued by Directorate General of Immigration RI, proceeded by International Office UI.

EPO for Onshore Students and ITAS Holder is issued by Immigration Office, proceeded by students themselves and their last sponsor.

E-Visa/Visa C-316 for 6 or 12 months.

Study Permit, Telex Visa & E-Visa

  • Issued and approved by the Ministry of Education and Culture and the process can only be done through the International Office UI.
  • Process duration: ~7 working days. Duration may vary depending on the documents’ verification result, make sure to submit all the required documents correctly.
  • The required documents are as follows:
    1. ID photo,
    2. Scanned passport (must be valid for 18 months), including the front cover, identity page, and visa pages,
    3. Financial Guarantee form,
    4. Law Declaration form,
    5. Latest health certificate,
    6. Latest education certificate (for degree students),
    7. Latest score transcript (for non-degree students),
    8. Letter of Acceptance,
    9. Letter of Recommendation from UI (prepared by International Office UI).
  • Issued and approved by the Directorate General of Immigration in Jakarta and the process can only be done through the International Office UI.
  • Process duration: 10-20 working days. Duration may vary depending on the documents’ verification result, payment, immigration system, and final approval.
  • The required documents are as follows:
    1. Sponsor & Guarantee Letter (prepared by International Office UI),
    2. Scanned passport (must be valid for 18 months, including the front cover),
    3. Latest bank account balance with a minimum of US$ 2,000,
    4. Approved Study Permit by the Ministry of Higher Education,
    5. Full-dose Covid-19 vaccination proof,
    6. Statement Letter (applicant is willing to comply with all applicable health protocols in Indonesia),
    7. Health/travel insurance ownership proof (including a statement that they are willing to pay independently if the student is affected by Covid-19 while in the Indonesian territory).

Brief Steps for Temporary Stay Visa (VITAS) Holder After Arrival

Students will be welcomed and will receive further information at the International Office UI.

Students apply for Domicile Letter at the RT/RW & Kelurahan.

Students apply for E-ITAS & MERP at the Immigration Office.

Students apply for Police Report (STM) at the Police Station.

Students apply for Temporary Residential Card (SKTT) at the Governor Office.

When students have already finished their study, they apply for EPO before going back to their home country.

Student Visa and Stay Permit

  • Students are required to collect the documents to process their Study Permit at the Ministry of Education and Culture.
  • If the Study Permit is issued and approved, students can continue to process their Telex Visa and E-Visa application.
  • After the visa is issued, students can then come to Indonesia and continue to the process at the International Office Universitas Indonesia.
  • If the Onshore Telex Visa and E-Visa is issued and approved, students have to go to the Immigration Office within 7 days to apply for their Stay Permit (ITAS).
  • After students received their ITAS, they have to go to the Police Station to apply for their Police Certificate (STM).
  • After students received their STM, they have to process their SKTT application.
  • STM and SKTT are required documents to renew both the Study Permit on the following year or EPO for students who already finished their study at Universitas Indonesia.

EPO (Exit Permit Only)

For students who possess E-ITAS, after they are finished with their courses and final exams, they SHOULD apply for EPO (Exit Permit Only) to report to the Immigration Office and return their SKTT back to the International Office. We suggest students to submit the EPO application 7 days before their departure, as the process can take 3-4 working days.

After the EPO is issued by the Immigration Office, students should leave the country based on their flight ticket submitted during their EPO application. If students could not manage to apply their EPO before their flight due to an urgent cause, they can instead apply for ERP Tidak Kembali to the Immigration Office. The required documents for EPO are as follows.

  1. Request/Reference Letter from the International Office Universitas Indonesia,
  2. Copy of passport,
  3. Copy of flight ticket,
  4. Copy of STM and SKTT,
  5. Copy of sponsor ID,
  6. Copy of boarding pass and departure stamp (for ERP Tidak Kembali).

Immigration Document Fee and Process Duration