International Bachelor’s Degree Program – Faculty of Medicine

Are you interested in being a medical doctor in Southeast Asia, particularly Indonesia? The Bachelor of Medicine can help you to pursue your dream!

Why this Program?

  • This english-taught program offers an international curriculum involving international partners, namely the University of Melbourne (Australia), Monash University (Australia), and the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne (UK).
  • The added value of double degree: a medical doctor (Universitas Indonesia) and a Bachelor of Medical Science (University of Melbourne/Monash University/University of Newcastle Upon Tyne).

Program Overview

Please note courses may change from time to time.

Year 1 (Semester 1)

Basic medical education program.

Year 1-4 (Semester 2-7)

Integrated medical education with basic clinical skills.

Year 4 (Semester 7-8)

Research activity (laboratory, health center, conducted in the partner university).

Year 5-6 (Semester 9-12)

Research, hospital practice, clinic, community health center, applying based-evidence medicine as well as elective posting.

Contact the Faculty of Medicine

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