International Bachelor’s Degree Program – Faculty of Social and Political Sciences

Why this Program?

  • Our Communication Study Program at the Faculty of Social and Political Science is among the top-tier and excellent programs in Indonesia.
  • We offer double degree program with reputable international partners.

Program Overview

Please note that courses may change from time to time.

Year 1 (Semester 1-2)

Semester 1:

  • Introduction to Communication,
  • Introduction to Political Science,
  • Introduction to Sociology,
  • Religion,
  • Indonesian People and Society,
  • English,
  • Principles to Writing.

Semester 2:

  • Introduction to Social Research Methods,
  • Introduction to Public Relations,
  • Introduction to Advertising,
  • Communication Theory,
  • Creative Thinking,
  • Mass Communication.

Year 2 (Semester 3-4)

Semester 3:

  • Communication Research Method 1 (Quantitative),
  • Media Convergence and Practice,
  • Communication Strategy,
  • Media and Intercultural Communication,
  • Global Communication.

For Advertising:

    • Consumer Analysis,
    • Advertising, Society, and Ethics.

For Public Relations:

    • Public Relations Ethics and Codes of Conduct,
    • Media Relations.

Semester 4:

  • Communication Research Method 2 (Qualitative),
  • Transmedia Storytelling,
  • Academic Writing and Presentation,
  • Media and Society.

For Advertising:

    • Integrated Digital Marketing,
    • Advertising Practice.

For Public Relations:

    • Government Relations,
    • Issue, Crisis, and Risk Management.
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