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Our Short Programs

Our Short Course is a comprehensive living and learning program for international students offering a study with or without credits about contemporary Indonesia in its different aspects, such as economy, law, arts & popular culture, history, social, and politics, while learning and experiencing Indonesian language and culture. Students are challenged to discuss their views and gain new insights with lecturers, researchers, and professors knowledgeable about the issues. Furthermore, there are options of study trips for students in the forms of cultural excursion, internship, home stay and workshops of Indonesian culture.

The program offers a series of courses on Indonesian culture, society and politics from both historical and contemporary perspectives—covering issues such as ethnic, religious and cultural diversity, law, media and democracy, economics, as well as regional security, counter-terrorism, and trans-border issues–which provides  fundamental grounds for more advanced learning on Indonesia. The subjects are academically delivered in an objective and balanced point of views.

It also provides students with beginner’s skills in the Indonesian language in addition to an excursion program to several places of interest such as Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, traditional dance and music workshops, and the Istiqlal Mosque, which introduces students to the diversity of Indonesian social and cultural life.

A weekend home stay program that provides an opportunity for immersion into the everyday life of Indonesian families in a realistic setting is available as an integrated part of the study program.

The purpose is to equip the participating students with a breadth of knowledge about Indonesia, and with relevant approaches to analyze various social, cultural, economic and political issues related to the study of Indonesia today, as well as learning about corporate and working culture in Indonesia through internship program.

The program is designed for undergraduate and first-year postgraduate students (master’s and doctoral levels) from any major with an academic interest in studying and/or doing internship Indonesia.

UI offers several short term programs available for International students as follows :

  1. Customized Short Course (Non-Credit) on Various Aspects of Indonesia (Flyer) / (Online Registration) / (Request Form-Customized Short Program)
  2. Global Internship Program (flyer : global-internship)
  3. UI – CREATES (Credit Earning Program for Students) : (flyer: UI-CREATES_BROCHURE_2019) / (Online Registration) / (Statement Letter for Pre-Registration)

To apply for any UI short program, you must fill the law declaration form by access this link below :

Law-Declaration Form

For more information about UI Short Programs, please contact us :

Ms. Amanda (International Short Programs – Non Credit/Customized)

Mr. Arif (UI-CREATES and Global Internship program)

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