UI Host Family Program


The host family program is a VOLUNTARY PROGRAM which provides international students an invaluable  opportunity to establish a relationship with a local family and local community. Students does NOT have live with host families. The Host Family Program provides an opportunity for both the local family and international student a friendship experience. There is no financial obligation in  this program but an opportunity to  be a helpful friend as well as establish a friendship to a student who is  far away from home.

Each semester, Universitas Indonesia welcomes more than fifty international students who take  courses at UI in terms of exchange, study abroad and degree-seeking students,. They come from various countries. Most of them are from Japan, South Korea, South East Asian countries , Netherlands, France, and other countries.

Benefits of hosting foreign student (for host family):

  • Be introduced to a new language and culture
  • Practice hospitality as being a good character to represent Indonesian family
  • Support diversity and cross-cultural understanding in your own family
  • Increase cultural awareness in the community
  • Establish a new international friendship with your foreign student
  • Last but not least, hosting a foreign student can be a wonderful experience for the entire family where it will also teach your own family about tolerance and respect to other cultures. Host family program can be a new way to learn about the world without leaving home

Benefits of host family program for foreign student:

  • Ease your transition to Indonesian culture and minimize culture shock
  • Host family program will connect you with an Indonesian family for casual time socializing
  • It will give opportunity for you to spend time with local family so that you can really submerse Indonesian culture, life and more authentic cultural experience
  • Establish a contact and life-long international friendship with a local family

How To Become a Host Family?

A host family could come in all sizes (individuals, couples or families), preferably for UI academic staffs as well as administrative staffs, who want to  get to know foreign students and other cultures as well as to assist them in their adjustment with Indonesian lifestyle and daily life.

In Which Way You Can Help?

Students are assigned to host families before their departure to UI.
Once host families receive student’s contact information, then host families should take initiative to contact the students.
Then, What Should a Host Family Do?

  • A host family offer to provide pick up transportation from the airport on their arrival day to  the assigned student’s housing. This could be the first initial meeting for students and host families.
  • A host family should assist student in adjusting with daily life in Indonesia, i.e. show them the grocery stores, how to buy daily needs, take your student for a campus/faculty tour, etc.
  • A host family could offer the assigned student to stay at their home for one or more days after the student arrives until the student find their own housing.
  • A host family attend the ‘welcome event’ organized by International Office to meet the assigned student.
  • A host family should learn about the assigned student and culture.
  • A host family share  home country’s tradition and cultures, i.e. host family invite the assigned student to their home on the occasion of Idul Fitri, Idul Adha holiday, Indonesian Independence Day, Christmas, Indonesian wedding ceremony with cultural or just to eat dinner together and visiting local sights.

Note: Host family and/or student should contact International Office when the relationship is not working out

Please fill out the form if you are interested becoming a host family:

Form for host family

Please fill out the form if you are an international students coming to UI and would like to request a host family:

Form for students

For more information, please contact:
International Office –  Universitas Indonesia
(contact person: Ms. Windi)
Building of Pusat Administrasi Universitas, 1st floor
UI-Depok campus, 16424
Tel/Fax: 6221-7888 0139
e-mail: io-ui@ui.ac.id